Thursday, 25 July 2013

Back on Facebook

Earlier this week I reactivated my Facebook account, which had lain dormant for over two and a half years. This was not something I did lightly, remembering how much time it tended to consume before and being aware of the security issues raised when the way it worked changed at that time, which was the reason I suspended the account in the first place.

However, with so much of the Vocaloid world operating via Facebook to a greater or lesser degree, and my being unable to comment, contribute or even 'Like' items from the outside, I relented, really for this purpose alone. The formation and launch a few days ago of Synthesized Reality Productions was what finally flipped that switch of decisiveness – hence the timing.

I have changed a few settings, including switching the Chat option off, at least for the time being while I get my bearings with the latest incarnation of this often-changed facility.

Old memories are already coming back, as I get comments that end up in effect compelling me to participate in lengthy exchanges, but fortunately most of the time it is what I might term quiescent: it's not dormant, but there are few (and rare) notifications, and my comments tend to be merely Liked, not often responded to by anyone.

Therefore it is manageable, at least for the time being, and I shall see how it progresses, while still keeping a close eye on Twitter and blogging at a reasonable rate. In between all of that there is normal life to lead as well, including shopping, cooking and the rest – especially the rest, in both senses of the word!

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