Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Alice in Musicland

Now here's one I've been saving for a while. You might recall the opening track of this musical version of Alice in Wonderland as the intro to one of the (several) live Vocaloid concerts I have featured here in recent months.

This is the extended version, by no less than OSTER Project, telling much of the original story in music, presented in a kind of pantomime stage format with the Crypton Vocaloids personified by a simulation of animated cardboard cut-out figures. We have the White Rabbit in a hurry, the Mad Hatter's tea party, and the Queen of Hearts, and a few other parts of the Lewis Carroll story as well. There are English subtitles throughout, so it's easy to follow.

It really does have the flavour of the Wonderland story, and is a mini masterpiece, well worth twelve minutes of anyone's time to watch and enjoy. It's infectious...

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