Thursday, 25 July 2013

'My Time' at Taiwan

Miku's rather sweet song, that is, at the Taiwan concert, complete with English subtitles, though they are a bit 'Engrish-y' in places and not uite as easy to follow as they might have been. The song's Japanese title is Watashi no Jikan.

When this is performed at a concert in Japan, Miku usually wears one or another Yukata (either the blue one or the pink one), but perhaps for cultural reasons it's the standard Miku outfit on this occasion.

It's a nice self-referencing number, even containing a mention of the famous Nico Nico Douga video website in the chorus. Miku is at her most beautiful with this kind of material, both voice-wise and in its stage presentation, and it is hard not to go all soft and jelly-like, so I suggest (at least for the fellas) sitting down for this one, with a hanky or some tissues within easy reach...

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