Monday, 22 July 2013

After Vocalekt Visions

In recent weeks it became known that there were difficulties with Vocalekt Visions, the concert-mounting and song-writing team that were also tied-in with a group of cosplaying live action performers.

Both the most famous names behind that enterprise have been having difficulties, as came out into the public domain during the past month or so, and earlier this month the outfit was in effect suspended while this was being resolved one way or another.

It now turns out that Vocalekt is apparently no more, and a new group has been formed by some of its people (neutrinoP, Wolf Neve and Alfred Parish) along with others (most famously EmpathP, plus Ruchii-P and Apparatus). I have to admit to not having heard of a couple of those before, but I have a feeling they will from now on become better known to the public.

The new set-up is called Synthesized Reality Productions, which is a bit of a mouthful so no doubt they will be known colloquially as 'SRP'. Here is their Facebook page, which looks like it is going to be well worth watching.

Although it is sad to lose Vocalekt, this does look like it could turn out to be a really good development as my gut feeling is that the new group will turn out to be stronger and thus better equipped to handle the challenges of what is now becoming a burgeoning market for what they will be providing. No longer will it be small room-fuls of hard core enthusiasts with fuzzy images projected onto walls as we have seen in the past: the next phase of even fan-based concerts will need to be of higher technical quality than that.

To meet the new challenges, the new SRP could well be what is needed to make it all possible, raising the bar as they have already hinted. I do wish them well in their endeavours!

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