Monday, 8 July 2013

Memory (from 'Departures')

This Joe Hisaishi composition, here performed by (I believe) the London Symphony Orchestra and – of course – Joe himself both conducting and playing the piano part, is yet another of those excellent works of which most Brits have never even heard. Well, now's our chance to get acquainted with it! The original (Japanese) title is Okuribito.

Showcasing material that is relatively unknown here in the west is one of those activities in which I specialise, and am blessed with typically more pageviews than for most other posts I have ever written here during these past five years plus. It seems to be something that is well appreciated...

Inevitably, because of the language differences, a simultaneous interpretation system had to be put in place for this performance (and its rehearsals, no doubt) which explains all those headphones worn by many of the musicians and even Joe himself – something I have not encountered previously with him, because he usually performs with Japanese orchestras and soloists.

Here we have a very good featured 'cello part as well as Joe's exemplary (as ever) piano playing, so it is a treat indeed...

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