Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Ever Green

This song, Ever Green by Dadie MSP, is the latest outcome of the Miku/Domino's tie-in. I don't have any real detail on its history, but it is very enjoyable anyway – though with no English words as yet (apart from the words 'Ever Green'!)

Interestingly, only this past weekend it came out that western electronic music star Skrillex had just added a Miku image (with small Domino's logo at the side) to his Twitter avatar, so it's not just in Japan that this link-up is having an effect.

The outfit design, by okp, is really colourful (but slightly subdued, never garish) and feminine, especially the overall cut and the sleeves in particular. The model itself is Mamama's ApiMiku, which is the first time the video's director, wakamuraP, has used a non-Lat model. I for one am happy with that decision: I am quite taken with this extra-cute Miku design ensemble!

The song's style is typical Vocaloid electro-pop as its basis, and features some high-pitched vocal passages (though not quite as high as in, say, Melt), yet is original and also quite soothing...

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