Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Japan Mode

This comes across as a very good series, in English, about Japanese culture in various locations. It is genuinely interesting – to just about anyone I should think – and is presented by Danny Choo for whom I have considerable regard. That name alone meant that I was definitely going to watch what turned out to be a highly professionally produced and well-researched programme.

Mind you, Aya seems to get the better end of the deal, both in and out of the studio...

Why this first upload is episode ten I have no idea; but Ginza is certainly interesting, from sweets to tea and even kimonos. The following programme (which I hope will also be uploaded) is in Roppongi, which regular visitors here will recall I recently 'visited' on the 'blog for a Miku Augmented Reality experience.

Do stick with this even if you're not particularly interested in Japanese culture and tradition: I think you'll agree that it was worth it...

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