Saturday, 20 July 2013

New SEGA Vocaloid Games

SEGA's mysterious Project 575 has now been unveiled, and it turns out that it comprises two separate games: Song Builder 575 for the PlayStation Vita, and Song Reader 575 as an app for iOS as used in Apple mobile/portable products. The latter will be out within the week, but the Builder will not be released until next year.

The idea of being able to write one's own lyrics for the Vocaloid characters to perform using their built-in voice-banks is the next logical step in using the technology within the gaming genre, so now a version of the Vocaloid software forms part of the game code so that instead of merely punching buttons in time to a pre-written song, one gets to write at least some of the words for the two (typically cute young ladies) performers to sing for you.

It was such an obvious concept to me, that I thought it might turn out to be a damp squib; but the demos below suggest that it could in fact have sufficient appeal to be a runaway success, especially in its home country of Japan, as it is very much in tune with their mainstream culture. Here are the (short) demos: meet Azuki and Maccha...

I don't know whether, like Project Diva F, this will one day make its way to the west in either version (or perhaps both), but with Diva blazing the trail here any time now, perhaps it might become a knock-on demand-led success here as well, one day. It would certainly be good if our characteristically violent games market leaders were to be supplanted by something that much softer....

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