Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Love and Joy

This is a very good Mayu version of Love and Joy. There are no English words provided, sadly, but Mayu is just so nice in this, and her voice has been very well tuned with good pitch bends and all the rest of it, that it is actually quite heartwarming to watch even without knowing what the words mean.

The lovely Saboten Mayu model is, on this occasion, a slightly outdated one: an improved 'patched' version has been available for a while. It's good enough, though, and once again shows how graceful and feminine Mayu can be, as we have seen a couple of times recently.

The only significant thing wrong with this is that her mouth doesn't move, which is a little odd but I suppose isn't overwhelmingly important, though I have no idea why it wasn't done on this occasion...

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