Saturday, 27 July 2013

Galaxias! by Galaco

That title sounds odd, doesn't it? Galaco is quite an interesting Vocaloid of whom we hear little, and who is under threat of deactivation by her creators. I do not know the full background to this or what her exact status is, beyond the fact that she was given away free, which is unusual in itself. Only UTAUs are free, normally..

Although her typically rather 'flat' but clear voice benefits from careful tuning (such as that done by one AbstractCactus), it would be a shame to dismiss her and then to lose her in the coming weeks. There is a petition to try to save her, here. and I have now signed it.

For now, let's listen to her full version of Galaxias! (as distinct from the more common 90-second short form of the song) which I think works reasonably well...

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