Saturday, 20 July 2013

Anime Expo 2013 Report

This is from AX2013 in Los Angeles, and includes a demo of Miku English (though the producers of this video apparently weren't allowed to include any of the actual singing here) to which the reaction seemed very favourable.

There are two new Miku songs featured as the background tracks to this video: "Fate" by Circus-P (whose work I have been noticing recently) and "Closure" produced jointly by Kenji-B (who is also known as 'nostraightanswer') and EmpathP.

Some of the camerawork here isn't as good as it should have been, especially the fast back-and-forth panning; but it's all interesting nonetheless. Besides the original purposes of the event, I see this also as a continuation of the move toward Europe (including Britain) that the Japanese companies involved are anticipating for what I'd guess will be two or three years in the future...

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