Friday, 26 July 2013

A Song Idea

This came to me this morning, and I wonder whether it might be made into a song. There's only one person I know who is likely to make a good, from-the-heart full production of it, and I shall be pointing him to this shortly...

I stood all alone in the bustling street
Going nowhere and with no-one to meet
Everyone else was going somewhere
On the sidewalk, the cars, a 'plane in the air.

Surely my life couldn't have come to this
To all fall apart: I must have been so remiss
Perhaps all it needs is a fair maiden's kiss
And I'd be living once more.

It happened! And now when I go to that street
I meet my fair maiden, whose embrace is so sweet
And now it seems that the world's in a freeze
While we flit* along, like two leaves on a breeze.

( * - or 'float')

These lyrics are my copyright; and apart from myself only neutrinoP currently has my permission to use any, part, all or none(!) of the above...

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