Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Bird's Poem

Actually, literally 'Bird's Song', but when this song Tori no Uta was first recorded by 15-year-old Lia, some thirteen years ago, it was destined to become known as the 'poem' version of the title.

Some years later, the now grown-up – and very successful in the music business – Lia became the voice artist for Vocaloid IA's voicebank. IA (pronounced "Ee-Ah"), also known as Aria on the Planetes (yes, that is the correct spelling, 'planetes' being our version of how the Greeks spelled the original word for planets, or wanderers) also sang this song, and here it is in a nicely made video, lasting under three minutes. Her excellent voice (IA is known as 'The Diva with the Crystal Voice') is here expertly used to convey the feel of the song very well.

There are no English words provided, but this is worth just listening to as is the first time anyway, I have found. Later, if it turns out to be popular, I'll see if I can find either a version with subtitles/captions or the English lyrics separately...

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