Monday, 22 July 2013


Although we have seen this 'stage' (as it is called) before, with the little sliding block patterns hovering near the walls, that was for a different performance.

This is Innocence (not 'Innocent' as it says on the YouTube player), composed by kazu-p and performed by Rin, and is quite attractive, even without English words provided, as here (unfortunately). It is also, by the way, well suited to Lapis' voice, so I might well feature that version one day.

Rin is very fetching as always when in her 'puffball' dress with the big front bow and complementary (though not quite matching in colour) flower-like hair adornment, and her gentle swaying motion is very feminine. It's a worthwhile addition to this Rin series I am compiling during these few days...

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