Thursday, 24 October 2013

Yume Has Cat Ears Too

As is common with Japanese anime-style characters, Synthesized Reality Productions' mascot Yume has her own cat ears (nekomimi), in her case as part of a hooded outfit.

Here we see her rather nice 3-D model – complete with whip-tail hair (as I'm calling it!) – dancing to (appropriately) Nekomimi Archive, singer as yet unidentified. The motion is generally very good, though with the occasional 'sliding feet' anomaly I have mentioned before that detracts from the naturalness of the motion, and breaks the spell, if only momentarily.

There are no English words provided (and I think that SRP are going to have to bite the bullet of making it a policy to always providing them for non-English songs, as their primary market is the USA) but it's still fun to watch...

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