Monday, 7 October 2013

Star Trek Odyssey

Another fan series in the Trek universe, this time continued for some time, though apparently no more are to be produced now. There are more than two seasons (I don't yet know how many episodes were made for season 3) and it is genuinely very good indeed.

From the Voyager-like title sequence and a very pleasant theme tune, to the sets, most of the acting (allowing, as always, for the initial episodes being where the actors are still finding their way) the CGI work and the scripting/storyline, it is all unexpectedly high quality, except for the (surprisingly) low resolution of the videos. So far I have watched the first two episodes and intend to continue with the series.

Apart from some distinctly odd bits in the first episode regarding the Bajoran who becomes the Odyssey's captain and his 'spouse' (all very 'right on' I gather, but it does spoil it a bit: perhaps it's a Torchwood influence) it all works well enough, and the interplay between the Betazoid and the Romulan sub-commander is handled well, reminiscent of the early days of B'Elanna Torres on Voyager.

One character to watch: the very canny Archein general Morrigu, played (very well) by John Whiting.

Here, then, is the very first episode. The rest are easy enough to find on YouTube...

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