Monday, 14 October 2013

Kisaragi Attention

This is a nice performance by the SeeU 'stroll' model, of Kisaragi Attention. This just a visual and musical feast, as I have no English words for it or know all that much of what it's about. I do know that it's the seventh song of the series 'Kagerou Project', and it has the alternative title The Story of Snatching Your Eyes. There is more information here.
The stage seems to be slippery surfaced, which is distinctly unusual.

The dressing of the model's hair is interesting – if anyone were to do the same, I imagine it must feel like walking around permanently in a kind of archway. It also swings around quite sharply and occasionally seems to slap her in the face. Still, it's soft stuff, so at least it shouldn't hurt...

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