Thursday, 10 October 2013

Fire! Endless Night

Anyone who has heard Samfree's Luka Luka Night Fever will immediately recognise this as a kind of partner to that, in exactly the same style and somewhat similar overall.

This one has several variations, depending on who is singing it, with Lily being the one I have most commonly encountered and the one cited at the usual lyrics websites. There is also a Shota variant, and no doubt others as well; but this one is Megpoid/GUMI's version, called (appropriately) Megu Megu Fire! Endless Night.

Here we have the five members of Danceroid performing the dance individually, at separate locations, shown here in collage format. It is very effective, especially when it comes to their obviously having worked out in advance who was going to do the individual bits when they came around.

It was (I gather) all choreographed by Coco (sometimes written 'Koko') who is at top left. The lovely Ikura is in the centre, and rightly so as the leader of the group and the only remaining original member.

It's a good demonstration of just how fine these dancers are (which regular visitors here will know by now, but newcomers might not), and – as with the previous video – although this is quite low resolution it is clear enough, even in full-screen view...

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