Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Galaco's Last Day

Unless the campaign to save her has succeeded by now, at the end of tomorrow Galaco will be deactivated so that it will no longer be possible to use her in new projects that require codes from her 'parents' (Internet Co Ltd).

Fortunately there are a number of videos of performances by her, and these of course are stand-alone so can remain as a memory of this perhaps under-appreciated vocaloid, who was rarely used for original material so has given an impression of not being valued by users. My understanding is that it is this, as well as some hacking associated with her voicebank data, that has prompted the decision to deactivate her on 31 October 2013 (i.e. tomorrow, as I post this).

Here is a reminder of the cute character that was designed for Galaco in a video of the full version of Galaxias! with a particularly nice model. I showcased a different video of this three months or so ago, but this one is even better, and the subtitles even include a few English words (as they appear that way in the song). If you understand French, you can follow the whole song via the second line of subtitles..

It is not clear from the YouTube page whether it is Galaco herself singing this, or her voice provider performing it directly (it sounds like the latter to me, one Ko Shibasaki, but I could be wrong) but there is little apparent difference in practice...

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