Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Mr. Deja Vu

Here's Mayu with a rather lively number titled Mr. Deja Vu, written by someone known simply as '164', in what I think has to be one of the most expressive motions I have yet encountered within the Vocaloid video scene. Poor ol' Usano Mimi gets puts through it rather a lot, taking turns in both the washing machine and the microwave oven; but at least Mayu's axe isn't deployed. Not today...

I recognised the Mayu model straight away as Saboten's: the beautiful eyes give the game away, and the model is used to very good effect in this song. Indeed, it's so compelling in places that it is easy to forget to follow the English subtitles, so I anticipate at least two viewings of this for many people, once for the visuals and again for the English words...

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