Saturday, 19 October 2013

New Spanish Vocaloid

This is Maika, whom I have briefly mentioned before as (at that time) being 'on the way', but this bilingual – Spanish and Catalan – Vocaloid is now with us.

The demo song in this video is Fantasia, by Manu Guix (real name Geronimo Stilton – but I suppose that sounds too much like what you'd call out when launching a parachute-equipped English cheese from an aeroplane).

If you listen very carefully and follow the Catalan subtitles, you'll find that the pronunciation doesn't always seem to match, including the same word from one line of the song to the next. I gather that this is just a part of how Catalan is pronounced, and I suspect there is also a little bit of artistic licence in the mix as well.

Maika has a very clear mature voice, by which I mean full adult, not middle-aged(!) I'd put her at late twenties or early thirties, age-wise. No doubt an official pseudo-age will be announced for her when fuller details (including perhaps the usual back-story and favourite food, companion and/or toy) appear at the Vocaloid Wiki and elsewhere...

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