Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Babylon 5 Re-run

Successful fan-pressure has resulted in the entire Babylon 5 series being run, from the beginning, on Watch TV, starting on 4 November 2013 at its new regular slot of 5 pm.

This year, the fireworks come to Britain a day early!

There are five seasons of 22 episodes each (i.e. 110 in total), plus six movie-length specials. I expect these to include The Gathering (the programme's pilot, hopefully the re-worked version which is much better), In The Beginning, Thirdspace, and A Call To Arms (the Crusade pilot), but I can only guess what the other two are to be. One could be the Legend of the Rangers pilot, and the other perhaps The Lost Tales – but I do not (yet) know.

We shall just have to watch and see....


  1. I have the full box set including the films and the later annexes, I watch it at least once a year.
    It knocked Star Trek and indeed Star Wars into a cocked hat for sheer storyline and plot thread.

  2. Thanks for the heads up John, my good dear friend. Great series.

  3. You see... "They tell Zathras, they did; and Zathras listens, yes he does! It is coming back: there is no more to telling."


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