Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Yume and Friends

This dance has been prepared for Synthesized Reality Productions' (SRP) concert already planned to be held at Kami-Con next February. That event has two mascots – Shio and Kosho – and SRP has their own mascot, Yume, whom we have encountered previously.

Here all three of them dance to Gravity=Reality, sung by vocaloid Luka, in a nice dance with very good motion – though it is a little disappointing that all three do exactly the same actions in perfect sync through, including eye movements. Perhaps between now and the event a little more realism (okay, pseudo-realism) might be introduced by tweaking the three motions individually a little.

If not, it's still very enjoyable as it is, with (|left to right) Shio, Yume and Kosho. I have to admit that I do like the design of Kosho's skirt. Within the action itself, one just has to hope that Yume's hair braid doesn't whip the others as they dance...

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