Thursday, 3 October 2013

Mikudayo Programme

I assume this, which has just been uploaded today, is for television – though that isn't clear from what we have here, which is a six-minute programme revolving around the Mikudayo character I have featured here before.

This whole idea is a bit of an acquired taste, so won't appeal to everyone who visits this 'blog. However, it is largely visual, for example when Mikudayo shows us her dance moves and even her martial arts moves, and the location sketches at the hotel entrance (a kind of running gag) and, inevitably, some short excerpts from Project Mirai (well, this is SEGA after all).

I'd say it's worth dipping into and seeing if you like it enough to spend just six minutes going through it al.. It's really not at all bad, but very much Japanese culture, not something that we in the west go quite so strongly into ourselves, apart from the true western otaku, of whom there are a number and their number is on the rise...

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