Thursday, 24 October 2013


Letter-names are what I call names that can be said by pronouncing typically two-letter (occasionally three) combinations by those letters' names. These names are usually female, I have found. It is a little like that Benny Hill sketch from years ago where the entire dialogue was written in this way.

On this occasion, rather than try to describe this idea further, a selection of examples should make it clear, even if the pronunciations are (rarely!) slightly off, and sound a little Australian...
  • D.N.R. – Deanna
  • E.V. – Evie
  • F.E. – Effie
  • L.C. – Elsie
  • L.N. – Ellen
  • M.E. – Emmie
  • P.R. – Pia
There are the obvious single-letter names, J. (Jay) and K. (Kay); but don't count M.N.M. (Eminem) as his stage name was contrived from 'M&Ms' in the first place, so it becomes circular.

Sometimes this technique can be applied to surnames too, such as B.T. (Beatty) and M.R.E. (Emery, as in Dick Emery), but the forenames are a better challenge, I think. Feel free to add others in the Comments thread.....

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