Thursday, 10 October 2013

GUMI Reception Mini-Concert

Just appeared at YouTube today! A few weeks ago, the ASEAN Conference had its dinner party, and Gumi performed (with live musicians) a short concert lasting just twenty minutes. Here it is, in full. It's actually very good and even features some English (Gumi is bilingual) and a couple of costume changes.

Although the projected image isn't quite as realistic as the SEGA/Crypton events achieve, it is certainly good enough. I think many visitors here should enjoy this.

There was an earlier version of the event on video, with just one camera position, which really wasn't good enough for posting here;but this is the multi-camera edited version and it's genuinely very good, with interesting accompaniment including Japanese traditional drums, unusually. The English songs are particularly well done. Tick ti-ti tick...

UPDATE: Here are the song titles...
  1. Setsuna trip
  2. Miraculous Encounter
  3. Country Road
  4. Maigo no boku ni (I've been lost)
  5. Yume Chizu 

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