Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Galaco says Hello, How Are You?

...The rest is in Japanese!

I haven't featured this song in almost nine months – and this version is quite distinctive, featuring a new Galaco model by the video's uploader, Danna Akasuna. It's a very good model, with an excellent (and quite expressive) face that is more human-looking than many Vocaloid characters' faces have tended to be.

The motion is really good, though not perfect, and with a couple of technical glitches in the middle section of the video. Also, despite having standard-level High Definition capability, the source isn't sharp enough to take advantage of the HF setting, which is a shame: this deserves it.

With just over two weeks to go before Galaco looks like being permanently deactivated, this seems an appropriate time to post this here, as a (hopefully permanent) reminder of what Galaco was and was capable of becoming, given the chance...

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