Sunday, 6 October 2013

Only In Japan – And Taiwan!

Yes, the flash-mob dance, so much an everyday occurrence (or seemingly so) in Japanese cities that no-one appears to be astonished when it happens in the street, is spreading further afield.

This was done in Taipei City, with a small group of Japanese dancers (Kozue and her pals from Danceroid – now confirmed! by the looks of it) leading a number of locals, of whom there were around twenty in total – though several of these weren't part of the group but passers-by who just joined in. One young lady was rather lost, sadly, and couldn't keep up with it all. It was still astonishing how many ordinary folk on the street already knew the dance well enough to even be able to have a go. Well done, Taiwan!

This authentic take on the Luka Luka Night Fever dance was apparently performed on 22 December 2011, so there's no telling how far the concept has spread in the almost two years since, and I might find I need to amend this post's title...

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