Saturday, 19 October 2013

More Maika

To complete this hat-trick of Maika songs, here is No habrá nadie en el mundo by Concha Buika. This is nice and light, with an acoustic guitar-based backing, and shows how musical the Spanish language can sound: it is well suited to this medium.

Incidentally, there are other Maika songs on YouTube (and no doubt elsewhere) in addition to the three that I have featured today, but these are the best that I have selected. One of the others has a fuzzy image and an overpowering and intrusive bass line, for example, so wasn't good enough for here: I am quite picky!

Incidentally, it is interesting to read in the comments to this video that some think of Maika as sounding like IA. Clarity of voice-wise I'd agree, but beyond that there are quite marked differences, so I think those views are a little off the beam. Let Maika stand in her own right: the lady deserves that...

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