Friday, 25 October 2013


It's about time we had this by itself again, with English subtitles once more (the earlier subtitled video vanished from YouTube a little while back, as I recall). It's the 'Intense singing' part of Miku's disappearance sequence: the other part is the Dead End song, which I find rather sad and don't like very much.

This, though, is always excellent, especially this live performance at Sapporo which features what I gather is known as the 'Infinity' dress, and wonderful curly-wurly hair. These were discarded for Kansai, so this older version is actually better and truer to the original concept, as I understand it.

Useful tip: it helps if you can read fast, otherwise be ready to pause the video frequently when you are trying to read the words. I suggest listening through uninterrupted once first, and then read the subtitles, pausing if and when necessary, on a second play-through. It's also something of a challenge (he writes, as the master of understatement) to attempt at karaoke...

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