Monday, 28 October 2013

Romeo and Cinderella by Miku

As we're probably all stuck indoors this morning, because of the storm...

I have featured this doriko song only once before, some nine months ago, and that was by Rin. This version features Miku in a really amazing and highly detailed outfit (view in High Definition to best see what I mean) and on that very distinctive stage – and with the equally distinctive microphone-onna-stick – that seem to be exclusive to this song.

This video has no English words, but I don't consider that a shortcoming in this case, as (I am told by those who understand these things) they are not entirely 'wholesome'. This is perhaps a bit surprising for doriko, when one considers some of his other works, but there it is.

For now, then, just enjoy the spectacle and the music in a kind of Yuki Kajiura way (remember: that lady devised a pseudo-language to convey emotions without the distraction of understandable words) and remember to switch to High Definition if your system and connection can cope...

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