Monday, 16 September 2013

You Can Come Over

I am grateful to Alan W Collins (the one-time Twydall Tory) for pointing me toward this very clever campaign video on behalf of Romanians who feel that Britain's approach to them earlier this year was wrong-headed and unfair.

It was, although the underlying sentiment about being rather full-up in these small islands was and is valid – though that's because Labour let in a good four million new migrants during their dozen or so years running Britain. The consequence of that is that whoever was next in line – whether good, bad or whatever – was always going to get something of a raw deal.

This video, though, makes some telling points about the real Romania; and as my own Romanian friend has let out in his tweets and other comments, what it contains is confirmed to in at least some aspects (others haven't come up) by the 'man on the ground'.

Therefore I have some sympathy with this, and can see that although neither side in that controversy is at any particular fault, prevailing circumstances led, perhaps predictably and inevitably, to such a clash. Fortunately, the British governmental campaign has now been canned (it really was the wrong approach), but – as the video says (though, unaccountably, in an American-sounding accent) – we can still 'come over' anyway...

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