Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sunday Slot – 1 September 2013

Regular readers of this semi-regular (I sometimes deliberately miss a week or three) feature will be well aware that I am not really an evangelist: I have long realised that I am not very good at it.

Instead, it seems, my purpose has been to encourage others to stay alert to what is going on, especially with the devil so dominant in the world of today.

It comes as no surprise, I suspect (and I know for years myself) that the satanic influence in our world has been strong, right at the top of our society with governments and even the Vatican involved in the One World Order totalitarian plans that are, in effect, now in place and have been for at least the last fifteen years.

I'd like you to watch this video from the 1990s. Although it's old, technically deficient in a couple of respects, not exactly brilliantly edited where different sections (about half a dozen altogether) have been assembled into this 48 minute compilation of studio interviews, and there is a certain degree of repetition – it does cover a lot of ground, mainly regarding the satanic and occult nature of the Illuminati and other secret organisations who in reality run our world.

This is what I have been banging on about for such a long time... but the clues are all there, from the (Egyptian) pyramid with Lucifer's all-seeing eye on the US Dollar note to the red rose symbol that, even today, represents the Communo-Fascist Labour party (and they won't like my exposing the proof of that in this video!) via all manner of topics.

Even treating the number thirteen as 'unlucky' referring to the rest of us as 'profane', and calling children (except the Satanists' own) 'kids' all has significance, as do the numbers 32 and 33 which relate to the top two levels of the Freemasons.

We are also reminded of why the Satanists of the entire political Left – and some of the Right, sadly – are so anti Judeo-Christian faiths and pro (for example) Islam and Palestinians, and all that goes with this: nowadays well documented if one knows where to look. Regardless of any 'window dressing' (to lull people into thinking the source is impartial, when in reality it is anything but) this is pure evil and one of the ultimate deceptions.

It also reminds us which are the true religions (Judaism and Christianity) as otherwise they would not be in the devil's so obvious direct line of fire. It's a big giveaway to anyone paying proper attention, with forehead-smacking clarity when one does 'get it'. All of this also reminds us how deluded are the atheists, who cannot even become aware of what is happening under their noses.

One aspect of all this is confirmation of my own stance that US president Barack Obama is not himself the Antichrist as some have proclaimed: he is merely preparing the way for that entity's ascension by generating the necessary chaos (most of which is yet to come) that will allow him to take over control of what is to start out as a ten-nation bloc and eventually become a global government.

Most of what is covered here is either documented within the interviews (big sheets of paper in the studio) or via cut-aways These days, it's easy enough to check most of it independently via dependable on-line sources, though that wasn't the case when this was originally made.

The biggest lesson of all is that, even by that time, the people of Earth had sleepwalked into letting it all happen, so it is now too late to prevent it. All we can do is expose it and slow – hopefully halt – the programme's progress. Otherwise we shall all end up either exterminated or become slaves – those are the only two possible outcomes in the satanic New World Order next phase.

Afterward, you might find this useful reading, and it also contains a number of links to other reference material.

No doubt, predictably, some atheist or similar will claim that although these conspirators obviously believe all this stuff, but that doesn't make it true. Well, there comes a point when that desperate attempt to
avoid the issue just doesn't work any more, as the planning and execution is too long-term and the signs are already in the world – and obviously have been for a long time.

One can either wait two or three years for the Antichrist to be installed, so that I can then say "told you so!" but it's then too late, or have the courage to face up to this now. I know the way I'd recommend, as all our futures are at stake here, and those of our offspring and of theirs.

Do please watch this, all the way through, and pay close attention. We all need to do this...

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