Sunday, 22 September 2013

Kosh Reveals Himself – Sort Of

This memorable excerpt from the Babylon 5 season 2 closing episode, The Fall of Night, in where the Vorlon known as Kosh is put in a position where he (is he a 'he'? Who knows) has to reveal himself in a very public manner.

For some reason we don't at this point in the story know, he appears to each race differently, as a famous figure from that race – apparently a religious icon of some kind. The point the series' atheist author was trying to make was that the Vorlons had been manipulating the younger races via religion, no doubt suggesting that such faith systems were all manufactured by aliens.

Notably, Londo didn't see anything of the revealed Kosh – but that, we learn, is because he was by then in league with the Vorlons' opposites in their ideological conlict, the ones usually known as the Shadows. Apparently that either renders Vorlons in that 'form' invisible to yje likes of Londo (and perhaps to all Centauri, by extension) or Kosh somehow blocked Londo from being able to see him. I don't recall that aspect ever being explained...

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