Sunday, 15 September 2013

Duet – PonPonPon

With just a month and a half to go before Galaco is scheduled to be deactivated, I thought it might be nice to feature her here again, this time in a duet with Mayu.

So we have two lovely ladies, two good voices which, though markedly different (most obvious when they do short solo parts, one after the other) and not handled quite as well as they might have been in this video, go very well together.

I hadn't encountered this particular Mayu model before: although it's very good, I think I personally prefer the Saboten that we saw in another duest a couple of months ago (Magnet, with SeeU). Her dress tend to hang lower, though, which is definite plus point. The stage is rather basic, but as a counter to that, the glitter effects work quite well.

Anyway, this is PonPonPon, without English words – but there aren't more than a handful of actual words, repeated a number of times, so it doesn't really matter. High Definition is available, and recommended if your system and feed can cope...

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