Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Merli Demo

Now that Lapis' big sister Merli has her voicebank, it's time to release some demo tracks. This is the first, now available at YouTube, called Justitia, and I think the newcomer sounds really promising. Her more mature voice has been likened to Iroha Nekomura and even Ritsu Namine (who is male!) – at least in the VocaFarre-like scrolling comments in the video.

So far, as I understand it her voicebank has only one 'voice' in it, but others (like the Append voices that some others have) will be added when they are ready, and Merli will be released after that.

As a demo, this is only the first half of the song (or thereabouts) and no doubt the full version will become available at some future date. Meanwhile, here's the part we have today...

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