Saturday, 14 September 2013

Miku's Sixth Birthday at Yokohama

Yes, Miku was back in Yokohama for her birthday, as last year, but not in water mist in the bay this time. Instead there was an indoor performance in one of those typical packed-with-thousands auditoriums that we have come to accept as the norm with Miku concerts. On this occasion there were some fifteen thousand in the audience. This was the Magical Mirai 2013 event I mentioned here recently.

For this song we have what seems to be a completely new staging of the Ryo (of Supercell) classic Odds & Ends, of which I am not a hundred percent in favour over the original – but there it is, and it certainly very lifelike in terms of Miku's movements. There are no English words this time, but we don't really need them and I have pointed to sources before. Note that there are actually six musicians performing over Miku's head: usually at such events there are four or five.

This video has just today been uploaded, some two weeks (and a day) on...

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