Friday, 20 September 2013

1, 2 Fanclub

Now for some cuteness overload: we have Kozue Aikawa again, but this time with Rio (sometimes called Riorio) in very pretty – almost 'fifties-style – summer dresses, performing 1, 2 Fanclub by MikitoP, which they are in fact singing themselves: it is usually sung by Rin and GUMI. Bearing in mind there is Chinese in this, it's quite a feat!

In regard to the outfits: it is interesting to note that fashions that to us here in the west would be thought of as very outdated actually look very good even today on Japanese young ladies. I think it might have to do with the physics of the (by and large) slimmer and lighter bodies that allow for more graceful movement, which suits such fashions much better than modern western women, who tend to be generally 'chunkier' and less softly feminine in motion because of their sheer mass.

Technically, it's partly to do with build, which affects everyone, and partly the overall dimensions, as length is one dimension but volume is three-dimensional. The smaller the lighter: for convenience, let's take a factor of two, wherein a half-height person has half the length of (say) arms, and perhaps a quarter the power of muscles, but only an eight of the weight. Like a sports car, the advantage in agility and related movement is obvious....

The only fault with this video is that the exposure is about a stop and a half too high, somewhat bleaching out the colours: otherwise it's just about perfect, including the rather neat kitchen in which itwas recorded...

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