Sunday, 29 September 2013

Excitement at Conservative Conference

A 'save our NHS' demonstration was happening outside the Manchester conference centre where the Conservative Conference is being held, earlier today. It was of a decent size, but nothing like the one tweeted by Labour's Andrew Gwynne MP and Angela Eagle MP, which was of an obviously completely different demonstration. It looks like an anti-war protest that was held during the Labour years (it was an anti-Iraq war demo!)

There was also some heckling during Philip Hammond's speech livened up what was a somewhat so-so first day at the Conservative Autumn Conference. I couldn't make out what the beef was; but Philip handled it very well, I thought, as did the security staff.

What a contrast to the Walter Wolfgang incident at a Labour conference a few years ago! Yjis was managed and dealt with in a vastly better way.

Here's today's incident, courtesy of ITN News via Telegraph TV...

For comparison, this is a BBC item on the Walter Wolfgang incident, from which most of the unpleasantness has (conveniently?) been edited out....

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