Monday, 23 September 2013

WaveFile by CUL and VY1

This short item (just over a minute and a half) illustrates an interesting feature of vocaloid CUL, who unusually was created as a character first, and her voicebank was added later.

Thus, in this video, we are actually hearing the vocaloid usually known only as VY1 ('Vocaloid Yamaha 1', but also codenamed Mizki) singing, mimed by the delightful LAT models of CUL, both the red and the black version. I am very taken with these, and much prefer them to the other design that tends to dominate but which I find unfeminine and not at all flattering.

These LAT models are soft, flowing and cute. What's not to like?

This voice business all stems from the time when CUL was used to introduce the Japanese television programme Vocalo Revolution, and the intro sequence to that was also with VY1 providing the singing voice. In a sense, then, CUL was produced back-to-front, as usually a visual character appearance is added as one of the last stages, when designing the product's packaging.

There are of course some genuine CUL singing performances now, and I hope to feature a couple or so of those soon. Meanwhile, here is WaveFile...

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