Friday, 20 September 2013

G'Kar the Unforgettable

This five-minute compilation of G'Kar secenes from Babylon 5 has been produced as a tribute to the late, great (and award-winning) actor Andreas Katsulas. The silly boy killed himself with tobacco drugs, resulting in lung cancer and death, but not before he had completed his hugely significant work in the five series of B5 – and single-handedly (okay, with some good scripting, but only Andreas could have delivered it in the necessary way) lifted the pilot of the (very poor) B5 spin-off Legend of the Rangers from dire to tolerable.

.This is a good selection, even though one needs to be careful of the dialogue as some is obviously (and deliberately) anti-Biblical in its composition; but the essence of G'Kar is all there. Do be warned that, although the sound level is unaccountably low for the most part, it suddenly wells up after the dialogue is complete. Be ready...

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