Thursday, 19 September 2013

New SRP Website Unveiled

The new website of Vocaloid concert producers Synthesized Reality Productions (SRP) has now been revealed to the world. From the dates on some of the (few) items there so far, it appears to have been active for several days, but under wraps until now.

Obviously these are early days, so there isn't much there as yet; but there are already some photographs from an event and a poll to ascertain where fans are on/near America's east coast, as there are several events coming up from which SRP could pick the potentially most successful for them. That, of course, is essential if they are to be able to go on to produce more concerts in the future: they need to carefully target their efforts, especially in these early, formative times.

I have bookmarked the page and I suggest that others interested in fan-based vocaloid concerts do so too, and keep at least an occasional watch for new material appearing on the site.

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