Saturday, 14 September 2013

Addictive New Game

This game, Vocalo-Dama, is just out in Japan, and hopefully elsewhere in the world in due course – though this isn't guaranteed. It is simple, but claimed to be "addictive", and is for iPhone and iPad only. It seems to be something of a branching out for Yamaha, who as far as I know have never produced any games before –  but then again, what do we in the west know of their product range for the home market? I suspect relatively little.

The idea is to slide the coloured rising balls in seven columns into the column with the same colour at its top. If the colours match, Miku sings to you.  It reminded me straight away of the seven columns above the stage at the Kansai concert earlier this year, in which text often rose up in a similar way.

Anyway, it's all shown in this short video (hat-tip to Vocaloidism for the heads-up on this)...

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