Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A Shadow

This is another gentle yet powerful Yuki Kajiura composition. Although it differs to quite an extent from any of the others I have posted here, by now the nature (rather than simply the style) of the work is a giveaway. If a regular visitor here were to hear this unexpectedly for the first time somewhere else, her name should automatically pop into that person's head.

The vocal parts of this are quite short, and are in an 'emotional pseudo-language' that Yuki invented for the purpose. Her Kajiurago (or Kajiuran as some fans call it) features in several of her compositions, and I might post others here. It is ideal for when words are not enough, and are indeed not even required: it's just an emotional vocal instrument in the ensemble for when that is the best way to convey what the composer intended.

It also means that we are not distracted by listening to and following/trying to understand the words. It's conceptually similar to Hymnnos, but a somewhat different take on that concept. It was inspired by a combination of something like ten current and scarcely-used languages, so sometimes seems to resemble something vaguely familiar – but it isn't...

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