Saturday, 7 September 2013

Magical Mirai 2013 Report

It's been a bit quiet from my usual source of these 'Miku special' videos, but thev've been to the recent Magical Mirai event on 30 August, and have no less than the (somewhat excitable) voice provider for Luka – Yuu the seiyuu – as our host and interviewer. It is described as a 'cultural festival', and that seems as good a snapshot description as any.

It's yet again one of those events that the Japanese do so well, with the usual workshops, drawing wall and merchandise sales – and we get to meet Mikudayo again, though Yuu doesn't seem to realise that this isn't the same as standard Miku(!)

Anyway, it's six minutes of fun, including a short preview of next week's installment. That looks very interesting, as it shows a Miku live performance with the band above her, not showing through the projection. It seems that perhaps lessons have at last been learned about that 'silly' in past concerts...

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