Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sunday Slot – 8 September 2013

More video this week, but quite a bit shorter. These combined last under half an hour, and cover the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, if one goes along with the signs and their meanings, regarding what we know as the Roman Catholic Church.

The evidence as presented seems quite compelling, but I leave it to you to make of it as you will. The first video lasts some 21 minutes, which it needs to do in order to cover the necessary ground properly...

As if that wasn't sufficient, this under-four-minute second video shows us what is being called Satan's Throne inside the Vatican, a truly ghastly thing (and I have closely inspected a high-resolution image of it) that was constructed during the past few years in readiness for what last week's Sunday Slot covered in terms of what is to come all too soon...

It looks like the Roman Catholic Church was had a very mixed past, but in better times had Popes (especially Pius IX, X and XI) and senior people who tried to take it back to the straight and narrow and keep it there. Sadly, as this very instructive booklet indicates, eventually it was all allowed to slip and the Freemasons' apparently satanic and socialist (much the same thing, of course) agenda permitted to infiltrate the Vatican and elsewhere. The booklet is strongly recommended reading, even if not all in one go as I did (including the appendices after the notes).

Now, I was once shown a Freemasons' 'temple', in which it was notable that a number of large, locked cupboards lined the walls. Who knows what manner of items were stored in all that space? I also saw 'the square' and recognised the pattern thereupon, and my innate sensitivity felt something of the truth about that place. My ward colleague mistook the feel of the place as somehow 'holy', but as a Sensitive I was not misled in that way. I was non-committal in my response.

I was there officially for lunch downstairs, but I got away from the place as soon as I could and missed the lunch (I had a valid excuse for doing this, so no-one was any the wiser). Although, of necessity, I have had to deal with known Freemasons since that time, I have never been in any doubt about their true nature, and the linked booklet shows what that is more completely and eloquently than I could.

So there we have it. As with last week's offering, and no doubt others to come in the future, all this is important material, and I have already done some checking against other sources and weeded out anything that is less than virtually certainly true before it gets here. I have my doubts about a few matters, including what seems to be a conflation of God and Satan through a fixation on 'Our Lady' as the booklet's preferred deity; but there is still much truth to be garnered, whether or not one accepts that aspect.

I thus hope to be genuinely informative by doing much of the work when researching these uncomfortable topics, and with any luck will have helped some to be prepared for what looks to be imminent.

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