Monday, 30 September 2013

USA Today on Vocaloids

I saw this a day or so ago, but it didn't then have the embed code available (or I couldn't seem to find it), but now it has, so the clip appears below. Unfortunately, there is no obvious way to stop it auto-playing (and a thorough web search hasn't helped on this) so it might be advisable to pause it immediately, so that you can take the time to read these notes before playing the video.

 It's a good way to see how western media coverage of the Vocaloid phenomenon is going (I think they're getting better at it, through improved understanding of the subject) and it's fun to see the effect that delving into what is a whole new world to the reporters has and how they handle it.

The interviewees aren't the best or the brightest; and were I think picked for their costumes alone – but it's okay overall and worth watching once, at least...

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