Thursday, 28 March 2013

Virtual Meeting at Home

To anyone reading this who thought my short story (posted here nearly two months ago) was in any way far-fetched, check this out and also bear in mind how much has (at last) been achieved in this whole area in just a few years, after a period of apparent stagnation in this area of technology.

Now extrapolate that rate of development from where we are now to where we are likely to be in another sixteen and more years from today, and you can surely accept that all that I envisaged ought by that time to be possible.

This, today, is Augmented Reality, which I now understand better than I did when writing about the VocaFarre event a while back. You'll see what I mean about this interactive technology that places a virtual character in your own on-camera environment, such as in your home or neighbourhood.

Of course, you'll need to wear the special glasses; but I can see this merging with Google's experimental glasses so it could easily become commonplace worldwide quite soon...

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