Monday, 4 March 2013

Snow Miku 2013 Report Part 3

Trying out something new, the Sapporo Miku Live Party organisers have held their latest such event in winter this time, to coincide with the Sapporo Snow Festival.

Snow Miku's report this week comes from outside the event, then inside (with a few Miku cosplayers well in evidence), a song (Senbonsakura) in full, and an interview with one of the organisers – which is cautiously encouraging for the rest of the world: the bottom-line message is that good things can come to us in time, if we continue our support!

From the way the song was covered, it looks like it has been taken from the usual fully professional video-recording of the event, so I expect it will appear in full on-line in due course. I shall be watching for that, and will bring it to you, dear reader, as soon as I can...

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