Thursday, 28 March 2013


Although I am pleased that The Commentator is one of the relatively few publications that seek to redress the anti-Israel slant, and the broader issue of anti-Semitism, it does sometimes seem a somewhat one-dimensional stance they take.

Fortunately, today they are looking at the (if anything, even bigger) issue of Christian persecution and slaughter, at least some of which is experienced in two-thirds of the nations of the world. That article also covers the lack of media attention being paid to this situation.

Note the fear that is being generated; also that the two biggest sources of this persecution are Communism and Islam.

Now, long-term readers who took notice of what I have written on previous occasions will be aware that – as so often – I have always recommended looking for the clues as to why all this is happening. The bottom line remains that the devil is, naturally enough, targeting the real faiths (Judaism, which stopped BC, and Christianity, which also continued thereafter) using his followers and those gullible enough to be persuaded to do the same.

Those who remember Sam Neill's portrayal of Damian in The Omen III will be aware of just what can be done by someone like that; and so we find it in real life too. Many groups and organisations are easily manipulated in this way, including all the political Left of the world and their associated offshoots such as Unions, many large media outlets, some Think Tanks, subversive organisations, and others besides.

Thus it was inevitable that the devil's only true enemies would be the primary targets (the other conflicts are just part of the general melée where we are all pitched against one another, as I have touched upon before) although it has taken time to set up the scale of anti-Christian persecution that we have today – and it will almost certainly grow a lot worse in the months and years to come.

Interestingly, for the more perceptive, the big clue this provides (especially to agnostics) is that very fact that there can be only one reason why the targeting is so specific, and has been building for so long. Yes, it strongly indicates that Judaism and Christianity must be valid, otherwise there could not and would not be such a large, cross-boundary movement that goes well beyond what any human originator could ever reasonably be seen capable of doing.

No: this goes beyond that, and it is about time that those who have been suckered into easy (but foolish) dismissals of Christianity in particular – though having no idea themselves about why there even is a universe, let alone how it came to be – started to use their God-given intelligences to see what is really going on in the world, and join up against the evil that is being done. Lip service and encouragement are not sufficient: this requires true commitment.

Let us hope that we are not found wanting, now that the chips are truly down...

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